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How to clean laptop fan? [Solved]

How to clean laptop fan?

You’ve probably noticed that over time your computer starts slowing down and even crashing more frequently than usual. This is due in part because dust accumulates inside the computer and blocks airflow from reaching critical components such as the CPU and GPU fans which cools these parts down when they need to be cooled down.

If you don’t clean your laptop’s fans regularly, the computer will eventually heat up and start malfunctioning, making it almost completely unusable. This is not good because laptops are supposed to be portable so you can take them wherever you go.

When your laptop starts slowing down or crashing more often than usual, it is a sign that you should clean your computer’s fans immediately to prevent major damage from occurring.

If you don’t have a maintenance manual for your laptop, just search Google and find one online so you can learn how to properly disassemble the laptop so you can reach its fans.

First, turn off the laptop

It’s important to turn off your laptop periodically. If you don’t, it can overheat and be damaged by excessive heat.

It is also possible that the fan could become clogged with dirt or other debris which might cause problems for your laptop. So before you shut down, make sure all of this has been taken care of. Do this by following these steps: -Shut down the computer first; then unplug it; finally turn it upside-down on a flat surface (like a desk) so that the bottom is facing up and open the lid to see if there are any loose objects inside like hair or dirt etc…

Unplug it from the wall socket

When you are done using your laptop, it is important to unplug the cord from the wall socket. This will make sure that it does not overheat, while also preventing the cord from getting pulled or broken which can damage both your computer and outlet.

Remove all cables and any other attachments that are plugged into the laptop

It is also a good idea to remove all other objects attached to your laptop – USB flash drives, CDs or DVDs – anything that connects it to another device. Unplug the power cord if necessary and remove any batteries from the bottom of the laptop.

Open up your laptop’s lid to access its insides, and also check the battery compartment.

Open up your laptop’s lid to access its insides, and also check the battery compartment

Both laptops and desktops require you to disassemble their outer cases in order to clean out dirt from inside where it can do damage or get to components that will cause problems for your computer. This is done by following these steps:

-Remove the laptop’s hard drive cover if you have one. If there is no hard drive, do not remove anything else yet; just proceed to step 6.

-Flip your computer over so that its bottom faces up and open the lid or any way.

Use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust or dirt that has accumulated in your fan vent over time.

If you need to clean your fan vent, there is a very small vacuum attachment that can come in handy.

You will also want to remove the battery and clean it separately. After cleaning simply reinsert the battery and replace all parts again into position. Now close up your computer and restart it for improved performance.

Close up your computer and plug it back in to give it power again.

When cleaning out your fan vents, make sure you are grounded and that you don’t “dust” anything.

Also, note that if your laptop does not run on AC power (battery) when unplugged from the wall socket, it is advisable to remove the battery before cleaning out your fan vent.

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