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Best Mouse Bungees 2022 (May Updated) – #1 Ultimate Guide

Best Mouse Bungees 2022

Fix up all the cries off way before starting to play the games by owning the real best mouse bungees 2022, and yes, you heard the gaming mouse bungees, to be exact (sounds NEW?)

Wanna feel the pain? Have a sit with the ultimate gamers (playing it up all day long without delay), and they would always be found complaining about THIS only common issue.

AND for them, despite owning the best powerful gaming rig, that seems quite impossible to fix in good but worry not, the issue is actually and NOT proportionally related to the gaming rig or about the specifications.

It got the MOUSE thing to be a core source of all the worries the gamers have to go through, and for this very reason, many are opting for the wireless mouse but if you do not know, let me say anything about it as the wireless mouse is NOT as responsive as the traditional wire-based gaming mouse because you might face a little delay in response.

Just like this unforeseen issue NOT all know about the wireless gaming mouse, there comes an excellent and economical solution to fix tangling the wires to play the games of your choice with peace seamlessly.

List of the Best Mouse Bungees 2022 Updated Picks

Here is the list of Best Mouse Bungees 2022

Best Mouse Bungees for Gaming mouseWeightDimension
Razer Mouse Bungee V28.6 ounces0.48 x 4.49 x 2.98 inches 
KLIM 2074128.8 ounces4.57 x 4.06 x 2.99 inches
Hotline 43283600748.0 ounces4 x 3.5 x 3 inches 
ENHANCE Pro ENPCGHB100BKEW7.0 ounces5.25 x 4.62 x 4.62 inches 
Stageek 4.2 ounces6.3 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches 
Glorious G-MB-White12.0 ounces7.09 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches
Hominize 11.2 ounces4 x 3.6 x 2.9 inches 
Fnatic FB-MB-50562760012089.2 ounces1 x 1 x 1 inches 
Cougar CGR-XXXNB-MB13.0 ounces6 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches 

1 – Best Gaming Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Fix weeping for it (sorry for my harsh words), but yes, here comes a satisfactory solution that is literally gonna fix all sorts of the issues the gamers face with entangling the gaming mouse wire every often when it is loaded over Razer Mouse Bungee V2!

Being formed in all plastic but do not get worried at all about breaking or cracking it because how would that happen unless you do not try it yourself to press it deliberately. 🙂

The classic black color with the logo embossed in the middle of the platform sets to provide the eSports-level of performance all-day long to enjoy any and every sort of gaming no matter it is FPS one or the Car Racing, all you gonna do is to enjoy the heck out of it (I bet!)

Load the wire through the wire guides placed on the mouse bungee in the form of a rust-resistant spring arm to enjoy the drag-free experience best as it widely supports the wired mouse, and you would not be able to complain about it ever to see the wire getting tangled with anything.

Best to place in already-constrained space to best manage the cables to keep the table decluttered.




2- KLIM 207412 – KLIM Bungee Holder for Gaming Mouse

I understand that the gaming rigs are ugly *in the right way* in design to resemble the purely formed ONLY and only for the gaming purpose. And handing you with the ordinary-looking stuff to get attached to the gaming rig, no way! At least that is NOT gonna happen in the case of mouse bungees!

Offering you KLIM 207412 , this multi-functional mouse bungee is the choice of the advanced to professional-level of international gamers rocking their names in the world of the gaming industry.

Free up your movement (for the mouse), and the raised mouse cable is much better to operate the mouse with to feel ALL free while giving the best experience to move around without getting stuck.

For the organized gaming setup, the peace of mind is what one can expect out of this compact-sized glorious mouse bungee coupled with the remarkable features as well starting with the USB hub.

Yeah, the powerful USB hub gives the perfect example of making it called more than just a plain bungee embedded with over three of them and powered with USB 3.0 technology to ensure the faster transfer rate to well over 5 Gb/s!

Not only that, but it also got SD and TF card slots to have all the tasks done right from it without purchasing the asked solution off the market.




3 – Best Budget Mouse Bungee CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management Tool

Detachable, scalable, compact, sturdy, reliable, and what more names can you embossed on this Best Budget Mouse Bungee CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management Tool!

A kind of the sleek mouse bungee out of the pool LOVED by the thousand of gamers easing out the cable management to the best possible, eradicating all the hints of ever getting the wires tangled.

Make the springs with the stainless steel material, and you know that it is hard for it to catch and show the signs of developing the rust around (unless you do not submerge and spray the water over it from time to time.)

Comfortable at play, the anti-slip feature does not let it to slip to secure its sturdy design never to get jerked and vibrate how hard the mouse movement is and scaling the spring to the required level, best feel the drag-free gaming experience that would actually make you perceive of operating the wire-free gaming mouse.

Designed to last a longer usage duration, the combination of ABS, silicone, and stainless steel would have you keep using it for years without needing to purchase its replacement even in the decade.




4- Best Cheap Mouse Bungee ENHANCE Pro ENPCGHB100BKEW

Stun the first-timers with the design, and they would digest it coming from the alien’s world OR the scientific device, but the ultimate gamers observe the real worth.

ENHANCE Pro ENPCGBH100BKEW seated with the best combination of the RGB lights is the WIN here! The look and design are purely the unique indicators to get the extreme love received by the gaming professionals living anywhere and what level they are at.

Apart from the beautifully-poured lighting system, the loaded spring art is set to improvise your mouse accuracy while maintaining the best response to give the fixed point of motion to control all the movements without snagging the cables from the table’s edges.

Seated with four exclusive USB 2.0 hubs, get to include everything from keyboards, headsets, mouse, and flash drives without degrading the performance (which most of the UBS hubs fail to provide given the fact numerous devices are attached, up, and running.)

More to the lights used, having over seven pure LED color modes are best to customize to change accordingly to follow the ambient lighting while matching to your gaming rig’s existing style.

Weighted base designed exclusively with the non-slip grip has a sturdy look to offer that does not let it slip and slide even though you are all indulged in the games making the mouse register the extreme movements.




5- Stageek

Pretty compact AND best at work, Stageek has this smallest and dedicated companion shipped into the mouse bungees market with the core purpose of keeping the mouse cable raised.

NOT that it only works for the gamers to ease out their performance but in the offices as well to better manage the cable because I have seen the folks (including myself) correcting and adjusting the cable every other second because of anything hindering and tangling it to stuck its movement.

Flexible to the max, the rubber clip on the mouse bungee’s lip is adequate to hold the mouse cable firmly without scratching and tearing it as its upward design allows you to enjoy the increased mobility to move the mouse in any direction with a single problem to face.

Known for its strong stability, the base has attached with the washable and the reusable self-adhesive piece of tape to laminate it firmly on the table’s surface to achieve a solid grip.

Smaller in size, this travel-friendly design is always with you wherever you move, and find comfort in getting engaged with the game again! 🙂




6- Glorious G-MB-White – Best mouse bungee for g502

Simple and blush white, which I love the most, and anyone with white love would adore my claim down here.

Priced reasonably, this one of the mouse bungees from Glorious G-MB-White fits to support all the computer mice and the cables’ width to hang onto its rubber clip that plays well to make different sizes of cables to get accommodated without the press.

Adjustable arms with the help of spring reach to achieve various heights up to and down depending upon the cable size attached with the mouse so that all you focus on playing with the raised cable without facing the issue such as tangling and twisting the cables with other items placed close to your mouse pad.

Weighing no more than a gram from 265 grams, the simplistic-designed bungee used for the gaming mice does one thing tremendous, AND that is what we call to uplift the gamers’ focus beyond the mark to yield the winning shots ALL the time!




7- Hominize – Best mouse bungee for csgo

You would not be labelled the old-school gamer when it comes to purchase and display (with full confidence) the devices and equipment that got NO fancy look.

Out of the many, this sort of the mouse bungees and the one we got from Hominize is clearly obtaining the simpler look, BUT it is highly anticipated for the outclass performance, to get the mouse cable raised to the level that removes all the hurdles and reduces the chance of getting strangled supporting the drag-free wired mouse put off all the distractions while you are up for enjoying the gaming sessions without looking at the clock.

Easy to use and setup, the weighted base features the anti-slip mechanism and the lasting material used to construct this little piece of mouse bungee with the metal-made adjustable spring setup to fit to enjoy not just the games but use for work as well.

It is the high-time to enjoy the mouse’s distraction-free movement to get whatever you are up for done and with peace.




8- Fnatic FB-MB-5056276001208 – Best mouse bungee for fortnite

Yet the simpler design but the combo of color applied is the real deal-breaker to like this *boring* mouse bungee came right from Fnatic FB-MB-50562760001208 that is no less than a treat for the gamers!

Orange clip on the black with white markings embedding the logo in the center while the brand name embossed on the side gives the goosebumps to purchase it off immediately.

Offers to reduce the cable friction by close and up to 100 percent, and the maximum flexibility makes the bungee holder bend down a little to keep the mouse and its cable in place and straight while the adjustable spring drags to achieve the required and comfortable height per your demand.

NOT as weighted, but the sucking-enabled rubber feet placed beneath the base does not let the unit to slide and slip over the table.

Small at the build, it is ready to go along with you to join you on any gaming activities done anywhere so that you do not require to borrow anyone else EVER.




9- Cougar CGR-XXXNB-MB1 – Best Mouse Bungee For Model O

Cougar up, and is up with Cougar CGR-XXXNB-MB1 mouse bungee that is unique in its design, all the way from the top to bottom.

Be it any kind of gaming mouse (or the regular mouse as well), all you are gonna enjoy is the cord getting under total control while its vacuum-based grip recognizes for the best groping mouse bungees available in the market that hardly gets removed when you try to. 🙂

A rounded-shaped base comes setting it up on the little and space-conscious places without taking much of the space.

Rubber arm with the raising feature is flexible enough to withstand even the jerks coming out of the mouse’s hand movements without losing its durability.

Lightweight construction is what I LOVE the most! Have it placed in your hand, and you would not perceive it is giving any weight to feel!




Buying Guide for Acquiring the Best and Renowned Mouse Bungees 2022

Of course, there is NOTHING completed and especially, to own a product out of nowhere without owning the proper and prior knowledge of the same.

Feel super confident to do the shopping & find Best Mouse Bungees 2022 all by yourself; we are specifically talking about buying one of the best mouse bungees all on your own; wait for a second, please!

What we need you is to WAIT a bit and get hold of what we are about to reveal that would be supportive in the case of buying the mouse bungee all by yourself.

So, let’s get to know what things you should ponder about before locking on!

The Build

Most of the mouse bungees are actually made with the hard-formed but qualitative plastic (ABS one is super good!) material AND the spring arm with stainless steel (metal is useful if you can have it!)

And the rubber clip placed on the end of the spring arm is quite an addition given the fact, the cable does not get twisted and break even though it is pressed a bit while accommodating many of the mouse cables varying in sizes.

A flexible arm that raises depending on the mouse’s own size and its cable is indeed the plus sign to adjust it the way you want.

Notable features

The mouse bungees are NOT only used for raising the mouse cable, but it declutters the entire table off the streams of cables while managing them to keep intact.

Another notable piece of feature could be the additional features to be included with the mouse bungees, namely the USB hub, as that one feature is set to turn the mouse bungee more than a cable holder.

Yes, a few gaming mouse bungees are available in the market that comes with such a feature of integrating the USB hub, and some got the beautiful lightning and the different design to match with the gaming rig closely.

Feet plus Base

One heck of the critical question should you own the weighted base so that it does not slip out. But to make the whole job sufficiently secured, the rubber feet hold the grip over the surface like sucked to the table, which eventually would not destabilize the unit.

FAQs for the Best Mouse Bungees

Cater to read out some of the frequently asked questions about this useful computer product?

Let’s have ‘em!

Q1. Where do you place the mouse bungee?

Well, it goes right over the table surface (make sure the table is not covered with any sheet or piece of cloth to set it on the top of it or it would stay destabilized all the time) just the way you have the mouse placed up and using it. 

It just places in front of the mouse to raise its cable, simple.

Q2. What is the purpose of a mouse bungee?

Simple, to deal with the cable management with ease and not let the cables get tangled with each other or eradicate the cable’s friction against the surface-top and other placed components around it.

Q3. Are wireless mouse good for gaming?

Yeah, they are. No cable means no hassle to deal with but remember a thing, not any other wireless mouse would work in the case of planning to use for pro-level severe gaming as all you would have to look for is to cater the response rate. A delay of 1ms can lead you to lose the game.

Q4. Is it worth getting a mouse bungee?

Well, it is way up to your own choice as none can force you to have it. But yes, the convenience it brings, the experience to use the mouse with peace of mind is just fabulous, and beyond the level of satisfaction, one can measure only in the state of owning the mouse bungee. 🙂

Q5. How often should you replace your mouse?

Advancement is good. And if you keep upgrading the computer components every often, you are on the right track to NOT hit the mark when the parts die down on you.

It is not a recommendation, but a good sign to change the mouse after a year of extensive use to feel fresh and backed up. And the soonest it starts to show the signs of not working correctly or went damaged or defective.

Conclusion of all Best Mouse Bungees

There we call it off our exclusive search out with grabbing over 9 awesomely-best mouse bungees!

Worth only the pro gamer can evaluate and summarize in words; the convenience is indeed much more important than anything that a mouse bungee is set to provide with.

So, OWN one and thank us! 🙂

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